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Russell High School History
Russell was established in 1922 and died an untimely death in 1988 when it was replaced by Tri-Cities High School.

Oklahoma State Senator Mike Fair (Class of 1961) writes:

When Russell was torn down, the "political correct" Fulton County School Board chose not to retain the name. Russell had been named after a Confederate officer.

To the thousands and thousands of students and to the hundreds and hundreds of faculty and administrators Russell was never about politics.

Russell was about the smell of new books in the Autumn and the smell of new blue denim, not yet broken in. It was about the sights of the Gold Robe Choir, the Band, the Wildcat football team, the majorettes, R.O.T.C. and cheer leaders.

History of This Site
This site was established 7/26/2001 in anticipation of our 40th, plus 1, Reunion on 8/11/2001. It is dedicated to bringing our Russell High School community back together, after so many years apart.

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